Genetic Limited has the sole right to select brands & brand items mentioned in the specifications below


• Standard quality bathroom fittings (GROHE/TOTO) in master bath room.

• Bath mixer with bath tub if space permit

• Basin mixer

• Moving shower

• Push shower

• Standard quality bathroom fittings (GROHE/TOTO) in other bath rooms except servant

• Bib cock

• Basin mixer

• Moving shower

• Push shower

• Standard quality Sanitary wares ( TOTO or Equivalent standard ) in all Bath rooms:

• Commode-Basin in all bathrooms

• Pan in servant toilet (RAK)

• Standard quality Bathroom Accessories:

• Mirror with self

• Soap case

• Towel rail

• Paper holder

• Hot water line including GEYSER in all the bath rooms except maid bath room .

• Bathtub in master toilet, if space permit .

• Plastic door / Inner side laminated waterproof flush door.

• Plastic door in servant bath

• Servant toilet – Sanitary wares- RAK

• Sanitary fittings- NAZMA/SHARIF/SATTAR Tiles

• Foreign floor tiles 24”x 24” (80/- per sft) in all rooms including kitchen, veranda .

• Standard foreign bath room tiles with matching floor (90/- per sft) or high quality RAK tiles.

• RAK/Foreign tiles in stair and lobby and lift wall.

• Exclusive tiles/marvel/granite at ground floor lobbies and lift wall.

• Standard RAK tiles at reception area, servant bed and servant bath room.

• Pavement tiles in ground floor parking. Electrical

• Standard electrical switches, circuit breakers, plug points, TV outlet, telephone outlets of reputed brands.

• Light fixtures in stair and lobby.

• Independent energy meter ( Digital ) for each apartment.

• Electrical distribution box with incoming and outgoing circuit breakers.

• Concealed electrical wiring and high-tension lines of reputed brands.

• All 3 pin power outlets with earthling connection.

• Concealed fan hook.

• Provision for air conditioner in all bedrooms and living room .

• Light points in veranda.

• Six emergency points in each apartment will be connected with generator line .

• Emergency power (Generator) in lift, pump, lobby, intercom service, common spaces like car parking, reception area, security room and main gate.

• Concealed intercom and telephone lines, provision for cable TV system in living room, family living and master bedroom. Doors & Windows

• Solid decorative main entrance door with

• Standard handle door lock.

• Check viewer

• Door Knocker with name plate holder

• All other internal doors will be veneer flush door with standard Moorish lock.

• Sliding Thai windows with 5 mm tinted glass and good quality locks in windows.

• Safety grills painted by enamel paint in all windows.

• Decorated false ceiling door. Walls

• Gas burnt machine made bricks are used in all brickwork.

• Walls are plastered with standard proportion.

• Roof top parapet wall or railing. Kitchen

• Suitably located exhaust fan (Chinese/Taiwan).

• One high polished stainless counter top steel sink with sink cock.

• 7 feet high wall tiles all along the wall.

• Concrete shelf at 2.5 feet heights from floor level with Tiles work.

• Provision for double burner gas outlet.

• Dish wash provision.

• Washing machine point provision if space permit. Painting & Polishing

• Weather coat (Berger / Asian paint/Elite) on outside walls.

• Smooth finished and soft colored plastic paint on all internal walls. • Plastic paint on the ceiling.

• Polished doorframes & shutters.

• Painted veranda railing according to the design of perspective. Utility lines (Water & Gas)

• Individual Electric/Combined gas GEYSER for hot water supply.

• Best quality water pump. • Concealed water lines.

• Water reservoir designed to hold two day’s water supply with additional half day in the roof top tank as per drawing.

• Titas Gas approved concealed Gas line layout design.

• Concealed Gas and water lines.

• Gas pipeline connection from Titas Gas Distribution System as per total calculated consumption with adequate safety measures. • Approved quality Titas Gas materials (Titas Gas supplied). Lifts:

• Imported good quality Lift having capacity of 8 persons with

• VVVF Control System

• Comfortable Riding

• Noise Less Operation

• Low Power Consumption Generator:

• One Imported Generator ( Sound Proof ) having Sufficient Capacity for Running one Lift, Water Pump, Lights at Parking, Stair, Lift Lobbies, Security room and Six emergency points in Each Apartment During Power Failure . Electrical Substation:

• A substation consists of transformer of adequate capacity, LT switch gear, PFI plant; panel board etc. will be installed at a convenient location. The capacity of transformer and other devices will be installed as per design of reputed electrical engineer.

General Amenities

•  Heavy secured gateway with decorative lamps and well designed logo of the complex.

•  Spacious entrance & paving driveway with security arrangement for control of incoming & outgoing persons, vehicles, goods etc.

•  Car parking in covered and protected ground floor with comfortable driveways.

•  Staircase with adequate lighting.

•  Protective parapet wall on rooftop.

•  Separate fire extinguisher in each floor and another two fire extinguisher near the substation room,

•  Intercom system to connect each apartment with concierge Desk.

•  One standby Emergency generator for operating in case of power failure:

•  Lift

•  Water pump

•  Lighting in common spaces and stairs

•  Six emergency electric points in each apartment.

•  Superior quality high-speed lift:

•  Capacity of lifting 8 passengers.

•  Adequate lighting.

•  Well-furnished and attractive doors & cabin.

•  Comfortable riding.

•  Noise less.

•  Low power consumption.

•  Reception Area:

•  Well-designed reception area.

•  Standard tiles in floor.

•  Driver’s waiting room with bathroom and kitchen facilities (Subject to architectural design).

•  Management office. (Subject to architectural design).

Salient Features

Building Entrance: An impressive entrance gate with project name and logo. The heavy secured gateway leads to the spacious covered parking area.

The staircase: Staircase will be well located and easily accessible with easy to climb. This leads to lobbies on each floor.

Optional features: Various interior design and additional fittings and fixtures as per choice of clients may be arranged at cost basis after the approval of the company.

Parking Area : Well decorated pavement tiles are being used at ground floor.

Building Security: Heavy secured gate with all boundary walls will be covered by heavy iron grill. Separate Intercom system to connect each apartment with concierge desk.

Construction Standards

Structural & General Engineering

•  Structural design following the rules and regulations of Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC), United Building Code (UBC), American Concrete Institute (ACI).

•  Sub-Soil Investigation prior to the structural design.

•  Total foundation and superstructure design and supervision by a team of reputed and professional structural design engineers.

•  Systematic structural combination of steel reinforced concrete frame and shear wall.

•  Reinforced cement concrete floor slabs.

•  Curing of Slab: 21 to 28 days by Ponding method and for Column: 14 to 21 days using Hessian cloths 6 times in a day.

•  Lime terracing with adequate thickness in the top floor slab.

•  Structure capable of withstanding earthquakes around 6.5 to 7.0 on Richter Scale in a short time period to ensure life safety.

Major Structural Materials

Cement : Shah / Scan / Seven Rings/ Lafarge or equivalent cement

Steel : 60 Grade deformed bar from Rahim Steel Mills Ltd. or BSRM

Chips : Stone chips for all heavy R. C. C. works.

Ready Mix Concrete: Maximum casting is being done by ready mix concrete.

Bricks : High quality gas burnt machine made bricks .